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Become a CyberTeen in 1 hour. 

For the first time ever, there are cybersecurity educational resources specifically dedicated to teenagers and young adults! It's time to learn everything you need to know about cybersecurity using the approaches you prefer. 

  • We provide different learning styles. 

    • Visual, auditory, and written.  (Similar to TikTok) 

  • We include different puzzles, raps, and fun material. 

  • We focus on building your cybersecurity knowledge. 

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Your Lead Navigator: 

CyberBennett is a cybersecurity professional with many years of experience. Bennett has trained professionals on various topics but uses his energy, youth, and knowledge to educate kids and teenagers. 

Preview Chapter 1 Lesson 1 below 

CyberTeens Guide to Malware Mayhem

In this fan-favorite chapter, you'll meet the sneaky culprits like RATs, Trojan Horses, Spyware, Worms, Rootkits, Bots, and Adware. But don't worry, we've got your back! We'll uncover how to spot these digital baddies and give you the tools to kick them out!

Kicking off Your Cybersecurity Journey

In this chapter, we're diving into the world of cybersecurity! You'll learn its main goals), explore the different types of controls, and get to know some cool terms. Let's level up your online safety knowledge and become a true CyberTeen!

Unraveling Computer Networking


This chapter's all about the building blocks of the internet: computer networks! We'll explore the various types, introduce you to network sniffing (how hackers try to eavesdrop), and show you how VPNs can be your digital invisibility cloak. Ready to dive in? 

From Hardware to Cloud: Understanding the Basics. 

This chapter is all about the cool stuff that makes your gadgets work! We'll dive into the essentials of hardware (the physical parts), software (the programs), and peripherals (extra accessories). Plus, we'll explore the magic of cloud computing  and virtualization. 

The CyberTeens Workshop is

1 / Quick
2 / Available
3 / Entertaining

Lets be honest: Young adults resort to minute long videos for quick information. TikTok, Youtube, etc. (Whether we like it or not).  This workshop provides a collective, structure for them to learn. 

What if kids and teens didn't need to invest a lot of time to pique their interests in cybersecurity? 

Well, here we are. 

Most programs that specifically teach our youth are only available for a week in the summer. And that's not even considering their limitation to one location. What about the remaining 51 weeks?


What if you could access that information 24/7, from the phone in your hand, the tablet on your lap, or the laptop at home? 

Well, here we are. 

MOST cybersecurity resources are extremely dry, highly technical, and are at a collegiate (college) level. That's unacceptable.



What if there was a website that spoke to students using a social media -like approach? (e.g. pop culture, music, & entertainment)


Well here we are

  • What is it?
    This quick, fun quiz is intended to help kids and teens know what they would be most interested in regarding cybersecurity. The names of each team member are kid-friendly and easy to understand. These are based on real roles in the cybersecurity profession. So, it's not like it's made up for farts and giggles lol.
  • How to use it?
    Answer the questions as honestly as you can. There are no correct answers. Do not try answering based on what you want to score. The idea is to be truthful so you can see what you may currently enjoy doing. Of course, if there is a title you specifically want, I encourage you to read up on it and learn what you can from there. These are just a suggestion. This is most helpful for kids and teenagers who think they may be interested but don't know where to start or even what cybersecurity is.
  • Who is it for?
    Similar to most resources on this website. This quiz is designed simply for 12-18 years olds. If you are older and want a similar test using more professional terms. Be patient, as it's in development on
  • When are you available to speak?
    Contact me today and we can discuss further details.
  • Who is this service for?
       Anyone who survived 2020.
  • Why are you doing this aside from your mission statement?
    To provide students with a role model who they can relate to. While in college, I didn't My objective is to discuss these tips and help students learn what it takes to be successful.
  • You've said this workshop includes 10 standards from Texas's Framework. Which standards are covered in this first workshop?
    This workshop aligns with the Texas State Board of Education's §130.428. Foundations of Cybersecurity Framework. The standards: Use appropriate cybersecurity terminology. Define malware, including spyware, ransomware, viruses, and rootkits. Identify the transmission and function of malware such as Trojans, worms, and viruses. Discuss the impact malware has had on the cybersecurity landscape. Compare free and commercial antivirus software alternatives. Compare free and commercial anti-malware software alternatives. Explain the importance of backup files; and Identify well-known ports by number and service provided, including port 22 (ssh), port 80 (http), and port 443 (https). Compare methods for single- and dual-factor authentication such as passwords, biometrics, personal identification numbers (PINs), and security tokens. Compare risks associated with connecting devices to public and private wireless networks.
  • Do You Offer a Certificate?
    Yes, students who finish the workshop and pass the final assessment will receive a certificate.
  • What problem are you solving with this workshop?
    ● Cybersecurity information is traditionally highly technical. ● Limited resources exist for young people interested in cybersecurity.
  • Who is Your Target Audience?
    Ideally, the workshop is for 12-year-olds to 16-year-olds (7th - 10th grade) in underrepresented communities. We work with youth programs, STEM communities, and learning institutions to ensure we have a tremendous impact. We aim to simplify complex cybersecurity concepts, making them accessible, engaging, and inclusive.
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